Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Prime Real Estate and Odd Side Effects

I can't believe how much my attitude has changed about getting rid of things! What used to be really stressful has become so refreshing and fun. I've jumped in with both feet and it gets easier and easier.

I can't believe how much prime real estate I've wasted. One example, in our bedroom we've got a dresser with 5 drawers. Jamie takes to top two, I've got the bottom three. Jamie opens both of his daily. My top drawer gets opened daily, the next once a week, the bottom hardly never. My jeans hang out on the floor next to my bed. Is whatever living in that bottom drawer important enough to get that prime real estate, or do I move it out so I can put something I do use there? I've been noticing this all around me, where I'm using the prime real estate as storage rather than prime space that could be put to good use. Think about it!

The tossing has had some interesting side effects. One, the more I do the easier it gets. The time and energy it takes to deal with all the stuff is such a constant burden, becoming more free every day is a great motivation. Two, I feel richer. Like we're so blessed that I can get rid of all this stuff and still have so much left over. For so long I've felt really stingy, hanging on to just about everything for that odd "just in case." Now I pick something up and know that someone else could use it far better than the bottom of my closet does.

So refreshing.


  1. Looking forward to that refreshing feeling too! I can't wait. It motivates me to get up now and do two more minutes of shredding!

  2. Hooray! Once you get going, it always is refreshing. It is amazing the amount of stuff we accumulate. I read once that we use 20 percent of our stuff 80 percent of the time. So true.