Monday, January 7, 2008

I am a Bed Making Loser

On Saturday hubby and I finally made it in to do some Christmas present exchanging. I have been thinking about getting a new quilt/sheets set for quite a while, and yippee I found some that I really like! When we got home I ran them through a quick wash, tried to get the fitted sheet on the bed.... did a lot of wrestling... stood on my head... got others in the family to help... nothing doing. The fitted sheet was NOT going on the bed.

We don't have any extra bells and whistles kind of mattress, not on the deep side, so I figured they packed a full sheet with the queen set. I took all kinds of measurements that seemed to show that as well. The package says it would fit a 60x80 mattress, ours is that if not just under, and from the short side tops of the seams corner to corner I only get 51". I can't imagine that they would intend the seams to be on top of the mattress...?

So today I went in and exchanged it for the exact same set. Got home, skipped the washing, and STILL can't get the fitted sheet on the bed! On one of the corners the seam even pulled apart, though I wasn't trying nearly as hard as I did the other day realizing right off that I was in the same dilemma.

Have I been making the bed wrong all these years? I can't imagine there are that many methods for putting a fitted sheet on a mattress. I even did a google search on how to make the bed, and the world apparently doesn't think it's that hard because it was all instructions on sharp hospital/military corners.

I'm totally dumbfounded. I was thinking maybe I should go get king sheets so I can get the fitted sheet on, but then we would probably be smothered under all the extra flat sheet material.

Any bedmaking suggestions? Then again, it probably won't matter, these are definitely taking the quick road back to stay. I have enough stress without being taunted by bedsheets.


  1. I have no idea what to say. Do you possibly have an olympic queen? Because we do and buying sheets is a pain!!! But if you measured, then they should totally fit. Try a different brand maybe. It sounds like they are the wrong size for sure.

    I'll need an update about this too. So don't forget.

    Oh, and guess who just got called as first counselor in the RS pres? Yours truly. I CANNOT BELIEVE IT.

  2. OH how funny!! I laugh only because we had the same thing happen to us. Todd and I ended up buying a king set of sheets. If you tuck more at the bottom you really don't notice that much of a difference. Good Luck in you bed sheets adventures!!

  3. LOL!! I was going to suggest getting a king set when you told me about this earlier.

  4. hmm weird that they don't fit.

    good luck!

  5. Weird! I just bought two sets of sheets today and if they don't fit we will know if there is a conspiracy going on!

  6. There is obviously a lack of knowledge/support in this country on ill-fitting sheets. So once you figure out the problem and solve it, you must -- MUST! -- create a web site devoted to the topic, so that those of us who struggle with the problem can have a reliable resource.

    Good luck! ;O)

  7. I have a couple sets and one set doesn't even pull down over the matteress so it pops off all the time. so annoying! I've heard that sometimes you have to get a larger size but it's not really larger. Good luck!