Sunday, January 6, 2008

Easy To Do to Get Done

I just finished copying the past several year's worth of family photos to CD. It's about time, you say? I know. Yes, I do love all those pictures, and yes, I've heard of plenty of people's family pictures GONE from one computer oops to another. So what took me so long? Pure lack of knowledge. I figured all those unedited photos would take up tons and tons of space, but just in case you're wondering, they don't. I backed up my whole website on one CD, and an entire year's worth of pictures would also fit on one CD.

I promise it's not as painless as you might think. If you haven't already, go do it.

Now if the 6 or 7 year long family recipe book project would finish itself up...


  1. I need to do that SOO BAD! Why haven't I? Because I have been out of CDs for a year and have been too cheap to buy anymore. Dumb.

  2. I think I can only fit about 5 months on a CD! And I need to get the last several months on the not filled yet CD. Thanks for the reminder. :)