Monday, January 21, 2008


I am in personal uncharted hair territory. My bangs are about an inch below my chin. (I would post a picture, but that would take effort. But hey, here's a silly picture Jamie took Christmas Eve.) The longest personal record in the past had been just below my nose, but that was when I had the big bangs thing going on (in my own defence they weren't nearly as big as plenty others out there). I've tried to grow them out before but just couldn't handle it. I got a haircut in April and somehow they never bothered me much after that.

At almost to my shoulders, my overall hair length is also longer than it's been in about 10 years. I haven't had a haircut since the end of May, except for touchups here and there performed by myself.

When I turn my head I feel like it's almost slow motion since my hair has to catch up with my head. When I realized that earlier, I sat and flipped my head from side to side until I realized it was feeling very vain.

Speaking of which, I have at least 6 immediate things I can think of to do besides talk about my hair.


  1. I started laughing just reading the title. "I just posted again..." jabbing with your elbow, right?

  2. You know I like the "no bangs" look on you. It's gooo-oood. I wouldn't change it. VERY CUTE.

  3. Silly April, no jab. I didn't even think about that (it took me till just a bit ago to even figure out what you meant by that). Maybe I should wait until May so I can say I went a whole YEAR without a real haircut. That would be new territory too! This might even be a no haircut record already.