Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Because I Love Numbers

The kids and I were just out having a lovely picnic lunch this fine and beautiful day, when Carolyn (our 5 year old monkey) walked over and commenced to swing on the branches of a tree. For the 7th or 8th time.

The phone rang so I ran in the house for a minute, and before I made it back out again, I heard lots and lots of Carolyn crying. I dashed out to see what the problem was, and found Carolyn laying on the grass under the tree, a pretty decent scrape on her leg.

I carried her into the house to get a bandaid, and offered her the choice of either Big Bird or the Count. Through all her tears and sadness, one of those moments I wish I had a video camera running, she answered, "The Count, because I love numbers."

Kids rock.


  1. Cute...that reminds me of something Tim said when he was about 5. He was punching away on a calculator and commented. "Sometimes I start calculating and I just can't stop."

  2. So cute! We should have a picnic together one of these days! And how did you do your header? I love it!

  3. Wow Kathryn, I'm sure I say that at least once a day (not).

    Picnic or the park - sure! The header? I'm just ultra cool. :) Photoshop all the way. I really need to updated it.

  4. Oh kids do say the darndest things sometimes. Carolyn is such a cutie.