Thursday, May 28, 2009

Good Friends

Last week we had a lot of this around (pay special attention to the buckets in close proximity):

When this lovely unexpected package arrived at my door filled with this:

The note says, "a little chocolate goes a long way when you're worn out." A good friend goes an even longer way. Thank you, thank you, my wonderful friend!


  1. I know, isn't she lovely? You're so lucky. :) Too bad you're a guy and wouldn't appreciate something all chocolate and froofy like that.

  2. mmm chocolate! Good job 'good friend'!

  3. What a good friend, indeed.

    I gotta comment on your wonderful scripture posts. I read them all. I think it's great what you're doing. We read every night, but it's usually just a few verses so that the kids don't go crazy. I always rationalize it by thinking that 'something is better than nothing'. Which... I guess is true, but I think it's time we challenge our family a bit more and at least add a few verses on. I like that Levi is actually reading FROM the scriptures, but I also want him to know the stories too. I think I need like another book to go along with the scriptures or something. Who knows? Deep Thoughts.