Saturday, May 2, 2009

Becoming Together

At stake conference we were blessed to get to listen to Robert D. Hales and a new Seventy, Kent F. Richards. They both talked about counseling with one another in marriage, and while I appreciated the message, the visual was just as great - both their wives spoke for a few minutes as well. It was very easy to see that both of these couples are amazing because of their great spouses. That not only were they wonderful people themselves, together with their spouses they become even more. Part of Elder Richards' message was that as we work together and counsel together, together we can become.

I am blessed to have Jamie as my husband. Not saying things are easy sailing, but I do think we compliment one another. Always room to grow, but we compliment one another. One of these days (years? centuries?) after lots of practice I hope we can become that beautiful couple of oneness, excited about the things we've been able to teach one another.

We are practicing, though probably not really on purpose (maybe if we tried on purpose it would happen faster?). One day I mentioned to Jamie that I was asked to prepare something about scriptures and kids. "Are you taking your scripture music?" One of my favorite scripture reading with kids methods, calling everyone together with our scripture music. Though I had been thinking about the request all day, that tip hadn't even occurred to me.

The other day I was talking to the kids about foods. One had been unwilling to try a blackberry the day before, and suddenly she announced that she likes blueberries. She's been anti blueberries for a few years at least, so to have her announce that out of the blue (pun not intended but it works) was surprising. In explaining the silliness of not being willing to at least try new things, I told the kids that there are gobs of foods I had never eaten before I married their dad, and the same was true that I had introduced new things to him as well. Silly not to try new things, just silly! (Dang it Jamie, after all that maybe I have try sushi sometime.)

Did it ever occur to you that the only member of your family you choose is your spouse? Parents, nope. Siblings, definite nope. Children, triple nope. These are carefully planned blessings I'm sure, but the only person you get to have any kind of control in adding to your family circle is your spouse. I know I need him so I can be my best, and I hope the reciprocation is true as well.

(I’ve been working on this post for a couple of weeks, and though it still doesn’t feel done, I’m just posting.)


  1. I'm glad you posted this whether you thought it was polished enough or not. It made me do an introspective look at myself. And it is a good reminder that our spouse is the only one we chose.

  2. I'd still have chosen you as my daughter if I had a choice.