Monday, March 17, 2008

Our Rockin' Blue and Gold

I'm posting this by request of one of our den leaders since he couldn't be there. I'm sorry if this makes other cub scout dens out there feel sad. Our pack rocks. Our boys rock. Our cub leaders rock. We even have a den leader named Rock. That's all there is to it.

Anyway, the theme for this year's Blue and Gold (held last month) was Chinese New Year. Our amazing and talented primary counselor created this awesome dragon head so we could have a dragon dance. This is proof - no one has a primary counselor that cares as much as ours (thank you Christy!). Here is Sammy modeling it so I could get up close and personal shots:

As for the real dragon dance, picture this: not only did we have the awesome dragon, each of the dens had decorated part of the 'tail' (which is why each section is different), there was real dragon dance music playing, and real fireworks sound effects (bubble wrap being popped in front of the microphone by our den leader Caleb, bummer I didn't get a picture of that). All together, an effect too amazing for words.

The picture with the cubmaster inside is one of my favorites of the night. :)

Of course we couldn't have Chinese New Year without authentic Chinese food. Well, I guess we could have, but since we have Amy in our ward, a Chinese lady we all love, we definitely couldn't. She was more than willing to spend tons of time preparing food with us a few days before and the day of. We had spring rolls and pot stickers...

...three kinds of sauces on chicken, and of course, rice.

One of the more comical parts of the evening, three of the babies present playing in our cub scout fire that we light at the start and douse at the end of every meeting.

Sorry there aren't many pictures of all the people and especially the boys. Permission and all that. But if you happen to see this and you happen to have been there, I would be happy to search out pictures of you and your family members to add them on. Though if I post them and you happen to have your mouth open eating and don't like the world seeing that, I would again happily remove them. :)


  1. Fabulous pictures! That was an awesome night and I am glad it turned out well!! And thanks for the shout out on the dragon head! I am very proud of how good it turned out! The boys loved it! And let's not lie...I think Scott liked being the big dragon head. No pun intended of course.

  2. I love the camp fire you have made. How did you do it? I have always wanted a campfire at a Court of Honor but just haven't figurines out how to do it yet. This looks perfect for an indoor camp fire.

  3. Isn't that awesome?!? Definitely a highlight of each pack meeting. Our previous cubmaster made it our of a fan and some wood. I'll take some more up close and personal pictures of it if you'd like.

  4. You let your baby play with fire?!?! What's up with that?! LOL!