Monday, March 31, 2008

My Wallet

I am not a purse carrier. I am not a diaper bag carrier. There are few things that I need at a moments notice. Whatever I need either goes on my person in a pocket or stays in the car where it is easily retrieved if needed.

What you can usually find in my pockets:
- keys
- variety of cards
- cell phone (when I remember it)
- fingernail clippers
- lip junk
- a bit of change

Back before I found my fabulous wallet I use to carry my cards loose in a back pocket. Since they slide around a bit, I didn't feel too safe about that, figuring one might work its way up and out of my pocket sometime. I looked around here and there at different wallets/purses, but for what I wanted to carry I couldn't find something that I was excited about.

One night after brushing my teeth I noticed my birth control pills case.

Small. Thin. No frills. Just about the right size. I pulled the cards out of my pocket, and wonder of all wonders, they fit beautifully. Perfect! Now I could happily carry my variety of cards in a convenient little carrying case. Even better, I get a free monthly replacement so when one wears out, I've got a ready replacement (and since they don't wear out monthly, I've got plenty of backups). When I first started using them they only came in gray, but now I've got them in purple and sea green. Lovely!

I've been packing my cards this way for a few years now, and the idea has been well-received by a few others (including my mom). My sister even stocks up on them for me, which has been a help a few times when I either wasn't getting the monthly refill or the prescrip I was on had the wrong kind of case.

The simple things truly are the best, aren't they?


  1. I have been stocking up for you if you want. I'm sure I have at least 10. If you don't want them I am throwing them out. I think they are blue.

  2. That is a great idea! My husband is so classy that he uses a rubber band. When it gets old and breaks he says, "Opps, looks like I need a new wallet!" He's a goof.