Monday, March 17, 2008

Review - Stories of Jesus

I'm subscribed to an interesting podcast called The Cricket and Seagull, hosted by Steven Kapp Perry. In it he "features the unique voices of authors, artists, musicians, scholars, and fellow Saints." I've learned about some great books and music through the Cricket and Seagull.

About a month ago I listened to a podcast on the CD "Stories of Jesus" by Melanie and Roger Hoffman. Follow the link to hear it yourself, where Perry talks with the composers and they share samples of the music. I was so impressed by the short samples that I had to buy it for our family.

As the title suggests, the songs are all about the life of Jesus, starting with his birth and ending with remembering Him and His life. In a way I guess this could be like Handel's Messiah for children. All the songs are so beautiful it is tough to pick a favorite. I asked the boys if they have one - Adam said "the run one" ("Run to Egypt") and Sammy said "the news one" ("Good News!"). I'll ask the girls in the morning and add them on. One unique song is "Gethsemane," a song about the atonement. Like the composers mention on the podcast, there really isn't a children's song about the atonement.

The CD insert quotes Melanie Hoffman: "I know that as children learn who Jesus is, they will look to Him, anticipate His coming, and want to be like Him, because they will know Him and love Him."

The music and lyrics are done so well that it is a CD our whole family enjoys listening to. Learning more about the Savior's life through this music has been a great testimony strengthener for all of us. I highly recommended buying this for your home or as a gift.

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